Naworth Fishery

Brampton in Cumbria

Fishing Report

9/12/18 Update: Poor weather over the last couple of weeks has meant the lake has been very lightly fished. M Jefferson was top rod landing 16 fish to fly and two worm rods landed 12 fish on their visit, most of the rods fishing have reported catches. Hopefully we get a more settled spell soon, "the christmas period would be good!"

16/12/18 Update: More poor weather conditions and it doesn't seem to want to stop. Only the hardy ones have ventured out, with mixed results. Though it has been fishing well on the better days. Regardless of the weather the lake will be getting its Christmas restocking this week so this should boost sport over the holiday period if the weather permits.

30/12/18 Update: This is the last update for 2018. Sport at Naworth slowed over the last few days due to flood water, however by the end of the weekend we saw a change starting and fish starting to surface feed again in the mild conditions. Just before the rain and floods top rods were M Jefferson with 13 fish to 3lbs on fly, D Cruikshank landed 11 fish to 3lbs on buzzers, I McVittie landed 8 fish to 9lbs on fly and M Valente landed 6 fish to 5lbs on fly.

3/1/19 Update: Sport has started to pick up well as the lake drops back to normal and just to help things along it will be restocked for the weekend.

3/1/19 Prospects: Sport is picking up well.