Naworth Fishery

Brampton in Cumbria

Fishing Report

Full weekly fishing reports will resume in 2018.


There will be some changes in 2018, these will be published in the lodge and on the website in due course.


* Because most of the rods fishing the lake this season were on catch and release permits, we are having to look at a change in permits as we need fish taken away to help in the management of the fishery.


* We are also looking at the possibility of a major fly fishing competition.


* We are also looking at a fly fishing demonstration and tuition day/weekend.


8/12/17 Update: The lake has been fishing well for the last few weeks. We are planning a good stocking for the Christmas holiday week, so hopefully we're not frozen up.

7/1/18  Update: The lake was covered by a thin layer of ice today and will remain frozen until later this week when a warmer weather front is due and should clear it. The first stocking of the new year got sport off to a good start this week, D Cruikshank landed 20 fish to 7.5lbs on buzzers and blobs, P Holding landed a fish of 15lbs to fly, L Mcvittie landed 9 fish to 7lbs on fly, I Mcvittie landed 10 fish to 5lbs on fly and D Ronson landed 4 fish including a 12lb brown to fly.

10/1/18 Update: Hopefully the lake will be open by the weekend, as the ice is very thin it should be.

14/1/18 Update: The lake was open and fishing by the weekend. Worm rods were doing well with fly rods having steady results but no big catches. Just remember if you take the boats out, " lock them up when your finished".

We have had some damage done to property at the fishery by worm fishermen trying to break up ice, as a result of this from the 1st March all worm anglers must book their permit before going to the lake, if they do not then they will be asked to leave.


14/1/18 Prospects: The lake is open.