Naworth Fishery

Brampton in Cumbria

Permits and Charges

fishing lodge

fishing lodge


Signing In

The fishery operates a self service system to take out a permit, the instructions are easy and are on display on the board in the fishing lodge.

1) Take a permit from the tray.

2) Fill in your name and address and tick the permit box you require.

3) Put the correct fee in the envolope that is under the permit you have just filled in, tear off your permit.

4) Place the envolope with the fee in it into the metal security box on the floor.

5) Sign in on the catch return sheet. ( Time you start and finish aswell as your catch when you finish )

Permits and Charges

Adult and none concessionary charges:

Full day: £20 ( bag limit 4 fish )

4 hours: £15 ( bag limit 3 fish )

Evening: £15 ( bag limit 3 fish ) starts after 5pm summer time only

Catch & Release: £10 ( full day, Fly Only )

No permits are available after 6pm, so if you wish to fish the evening you must be on site before 6pm.

Adult and child permits

Please Note this permit covers children under the age of 12 years only

Full day: £30 ( bag limit 6 fish ) Adult & 1 child

4 hours: £20 ( bag limit 4 fish ) Adult & 1 child

Extra children required to be covered by the Adult & child permit charged at £10 each ( 2 fish limit )

All rainbows over 5lbs must be released

All brown trout must be released

All worm fishing must stop by 6pm

Anglers fishing worm must book their permit in advance.

Boat hire

There are two boats available.

Boats can be booked on the fishery contact number or via email.

Information concerning safety will be given before a boat is made ready.