Naworth Fishery

Brampton in Cumbria

Restocking Fish

Moorland Fisheries, based in the West of Northumberland, supplies the restocking fish for Naworth Fishery and other  fisheries in the area. For restocking enquiries please contact the fish farm.

Tel: 07831 862 863 or email:

Moorland  Fisheries

swim up fry

Moorland Fisheries trout farm, operates a hatchery on the farm, to ensure a supply of good quality, strong, disease free trout for the restocking market.

swim up fry

After the yolk sack stage the small fry start to swim up to the surface to feed, these are called swim-up fry or first feeding.


As soon as the swim-up fry are feeding well, they are moved out of the hatchery into large tanks where they remain until they have grown to fingerling. ( the length of your finger )

Trout feeding in rearing pond Trout feeding

From the tanks, the fingerling are then moved to large ponds, for growing on to the size required by Moorland Fisheries customers.

Brown trout Rainbow trout

Brown, Rainbow and Blue Trout are supplied by Moorland Fisheries, with most sizes available. Customers are required to book their supply of trout well in advance to ensure a good supply through the season.

A large triploid rainbow trout

Note: 2013 season. We are  taking orders for Brown trout for next season, if you are interested please get in touch. Orders for Rainbow trout supply will be planned next month for the 2013 season.